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Singapore is a bustling city island state, originally founded as a British trading port, but now has expanded to be one of the worlds most prosperous countries and despite it's size is home to the world's busiest port. The population is diverse, and although Chinese dominated has influences from India and Malaysia. The highrise buildings lead to it being the second most densely populated country in the world, behind Monaco.
The centre of the city comprises Riverside, Orchard Road and Chinatown. At Riverside you'll find culture, commerce and some of the world's leading hotels. Orchard Road is the home of shopping, while Chinatown shows much of the city's heritage. To the south Sentosa island has been revamped from its days as a naval fort to be a major tourist destination.
As well as the busy port, Changi Airport acts as a major airport interchange, particularly connecting long distance flights from Europe to Australia. For those staying longer, the MRT system offers an excellent train network around the island.
Key attractions for visitors include the Singpore Zoo and Night Safari. Given the diverse population it is no surprise that there are numerous sites of religious significance, for several different faiths. There are also plenty of places of historical significance, such as the Raffles Statue, after the founder of the island, and the numerous World War II remnants. While the law is strict in Singapore (check the news for drug trafficking death sentences, and be aware of the heavy sin tax on alcohol and cigarettes), gambling is legal in a couple of venues.
Given the importance of it's location, there are many embassies located around Singapore. Please tour this site to find out more about the location of the most important parts of Singapore.