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Transportation in Singapore

Getting To Singapore
Changi Airport is the most common point of arrival, it being a large international hub connecting with destinations throughout the world. It is a common connection hub, particularly for those connecting between Europe and Australia.
Singapore can also be reached by the road bridges to Malaysia, the older and more popular being the connection from Woodlands to Johor Bahru across the Causeway. There is also the Second Link to the Western end of Singapore island.
By train connections with Kuala Lumpur stop at Woodlands Train Station. Public transport services also offer bus connections, again with Malaysia and the service is offered by a variety of companies, however each company operates from a different terminal with the scattered throughout the island.

Getting Around Singapore Getting around Singapore is easy with the MRT system being the simplest and most convenient. Regular trains connect around the island on 4 different routes:
Circle MRT
East West MRT
North East MRT
North South MRT
There are also 3 Light Railway routes connecting smaller communities with the main MRT routes. These are:
Bukit Panjang LRT
Punggol LRT
Sengkang LRT
Taxis also operate around the city and are relatively inexpensive. There are also numerous bus routes making transportation around Singapore using public transport so convenient that there is little need to rent a car.